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My nephew Lok loves taking photos on digital cameras and mobile phones. Even when he was just over two years old, he can use the basic functions of the camera to frame photos. The quality of his photos has improved immensely over the last half year, as have his observations of buildings, open spaces and the people in the city. Toddle in the City extends the invitation to other toddlers to join us to explore and photograph the city.

The Toddle is a fun and educational activity for families to spend time together. It encourages little ones and their parents to explore the city while nurturing an interest in architecture and the urban environment. As an urban designer, I love seeing city dwellers excited to be in the city where they live, work and play.

Children are naturally so curious and energetic. They are often sources of inspirations to me and I hope, through this project, to many more people!

I’m looking forward to seeing the city from the toddlers’ perspective and sharing this with you in the exhibition on 27 May at the Greenwich Maritime.



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