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The Team

Yatwan Hui

  • Urban designer
  • Founder of Urban Beings
  • Auntie of Lok (2 years 9 months) and Kin (6 weeks)

"I love exploring the city especially when I find new places or see the city from a different point of view. Through years of travelling around London, I have got to know it pretty well using the trains, Underground, buses, walking and cycling.

Since becoming an auntie in 2009, I am enjoying seeing London through new eyes - through those of a small child’s. Toddler Lok often offers many comic and thoughtful observations of city life. In return, I slip in educational anecdotes on architecture and sustainability in our games and activities. He is learning to navigate around the city using landmarks and is excited about the many interesting layers of the city – especially things that move, such as trains and bikes! Some of these will feature in Toddle in the City to share with even more children.

What will Toddle in the City be like in two years’ time, when six weeks old Kin will also become a toddler? Keep an eye on how this will progress, as these little ones will sure provide further inspirations for the project!"

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Photo:Jessica Hui© Urban Beings, 2012